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About Cooch Behar

Located on the north eastern extreme of West Bengal, Cooch Behar is known for its magnificent past filled rich glory, royal culture and a grandiose heritage. At the foothills of the gigantic eastern Himalayas, the princely state is dotted with various monuments and palaces restored for years. Also known as Koch Bihar, the entire region was once ruled by the local rulers who accepted the suzerainty of the British Empire. However after January 1950, the district was attached to West Bengal as a district with the same area. It is at present 3rd as the populous districts of the state. The headquarters of the district is the town Cooch Behar named after the district itself.

About Cooch Behar
About Cooch Behar

Brief History of Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar comprises of an interesting historical background which is indeed one of the most magnetic features of the district. The Koch kingdom was ruled by the Koch kings who actually originated from the famous Mahishya community and was ruling the area since16th century. Earlier the town was known as Koch Bihar. Before 28th August 1949, the place was a princely State and the kingdom of Maharaja of Koch Bihar which got changed after the agreement on the said date with which the full authority, power and jurisdiction was transferred to the Government of India. The transfer and its administrative works were completed on 12th September 1949 and on 19 January 1950, the same was attached as a district with West Bengal. As a result over the time Cooch Behar has witnessed the transformation of its existences as a kingdom then as a State and from the latter to its present status of a district.

Geography of Cooch Behar

The exact location of Cooch Behar falls at 25°57'47" & 26°36'20" North Latitude and between 88°47'44" & 89°54'35" East Longitude. The total area of the district is around 3387sqkms remains bounded by district Alipurduar in the north, Assam state in the eastern side, Jalpaiguri district in the north western area, and the southern side along with south western and south eastern part remains bounded by the International border of India and Bangladesh. The Himalayan Terai region forms an essential part in the whole district. There are several enclaves in and around Coach Bihar which were results of chess or cards games between royal kingdoms of Cooch Behar and Rangpur centuries ago.

Summer, monsoon and winter are major seasons experienced in this region.The major climatic behavior of the district is the torrential rainfall during monsoon months with little continuing in the months of October and November. The weather condition in Cooch Behar is quite moderate since the too high temperature is not recorded in this part. May is the hottest month in the district where the temperature maximum flows within the range of 20.2°C to 36.5°C. The winter season on the contrary is more pleasant stretching from the month of November to the end of February. The coldest weather persists in the month of January when the temperature varies between 10°C to 24°C approximately. The weather however is quite pleasant during the winter months since the humidity remains quite low in this time. Higher humidity is experienced from March to May where it reaches to a level of 50-70 percent. From June to September it is the monsoon season where the annual rainfall on an average records at 3201mm.

Healthcare Services in Cooch Behar

Healthcare Facilities in Cooch BeharCooch Behar maintains distinction by offering best healthcare services to its inhabitants to visitors. Several state-of-the-art hospitals and medical research institutes run by the state governments as well as privately owned ones cater to the healthcare needs of masses. Although many such hospitals and nursing homes operate in the city but there is still need for more such infrastructure by keeping in consideration fast increasing population in the city. The available hospitals and nursing homes offer medical and healthcare services in genuine cost. Private nursing homes have superior technology based equipments to support treatment of all kinds. There are experienced doctors visiting and treating the patients in every department. A similar scenario is visible in case of government hospital too which
supposedly has a wider network.

M J N Hospital
Address: Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582-222243

Dinhata Sub Divisional Hospital
Address: Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582-255002, 3582 256002

Subham Hospital & Diagnostic Centre (P) Ltd
Address: 1, Nara Narayan Road Near Circuit House Po,
Cooch Behar Bazar, Main Road
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9474512007

Address: B . S . Road Natun Bazar , Coch Behar Kotwali
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9933710407

Ghoksardanga Rural Hospital
Address: Ghoksadanga, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736171
Phone: 3583-262230

Administration of Cooch Behar

The district administration of Cooch Behar is explicitly governed under the Office of District Magistrate. For any queries, legal issues, issued related to government works, public utility services, administrative issues, one can contact the DM of this region. Apart from this for better administration the district is divided into several blocks and revenue divisions. Cooch Behar town is maintained by Cooch Behar Municipality. The board of the municipality consists of elected members and few nominated by the state government. Cooch Behar consistency elects one member for Lok Sabha.

Administration of Cooch Behar
Administration in Cooch Behar

District Magistrate
Sri. P. Ulaganathan, IAS
Official Phone no. : 03582-227101
Residential Ph. no. : 03582-227201
Fax no. : 03582-227000 (Official),
03582-225000 (Residential)
E-mail :

Cooch Behar Municipality
Maharaj Dipendra Narayan Road
P.O. Cooch Behar, Cooch Behar-736101.
Office : 03582-222286
Fax : 03582-222656
Email: ,

Culture of Cooch Behar

Culture of Cooch Behar is essentially traditional yet with a distinctive modern approach. The major communities which exist in this part include Bengalis, Gorkha, Rajbangshi, Biharis and Marwaris. The culture here is maintaining the customs and rituals of the yester years but by keeping an eye on the benefits of modern theories and beliefs. A combination of multiple cultures is evident in the region just like it is available in several other parts of the state and even in Bangladesh. The unity of multiple cultures and to rise up on a common issue is evident in the people here. A sense of warmth as well as strong beliefs is quite common characteristics here.

Traditions in Cooch Behar
Culture of Cooch Behar

Be it attire with traditional sarees for women and dhuti Punjabi for men or the exclusive cuisine with the staple dish of fish curry and rice, the inhabitants of Cooch Behar shows distinctiveness in everything they do. The people here have immense interest in various art forms like music, dance, painting and drama. There are specialized training centers for these art forms and almost every household prefers to enroll their children in any of these art forms.

Festivals in Cooch Behar are characterized with new clothing, good traditional recipes, rituals and customs, meeting with family and friends and enjoying the most. Durga Puja is one prominent festival in this area along with Ras Purnima which is celebrated grandly here. Ras Purnima in Cooch Behar is considered as one of the pious festivals and is specially celebrated with a grand fair before the Madan Mohan temple which is also incidentally the oldest one in North Bengal.

Economy of Cooch Behar

One of the main source of income in Cooch Behar is agriculture. In fact almost 2530.63 sqkms in Cooch Behar is considered as agricultural land which supports both single and double cropping. Apart from agriculture the marketing and selling of agro based products are primary source of revenue in the region. To boost up the economy of the are the later industries is being accelerated by support of all kinds and by introducing food processing units like jam, jelly, sauces, chips etc. Agriculture is practised by 80-90% of the inhabitants . The major crops cultivated in this district include rice, wheat, maize, pulses, rapeseed, mustard seeds, linseeds, and other oil seeds. Jute and Tobacco is produced hugely in this location.

The major business area here is concentrated on the service industry, retail goods and manual labour. The major business areas are Keshab Road, Rupnarayan Road, Bhawanganj bazaar, Main Market, and B S Road. There is an industrial park located Chakchaka with all major facilities. Though some industries like plastic, jute based, cold storage, tea etc are there in the district but the number of units is quite less. However initiatives are taken to improve the same at the earliest.

Tourism in Cooch Behar

Famous for its pleasant weather and natural freshness alongwith historical significance and cultural heritage Koch Behar is truly an option to avail for the vacationers. Having a strong historical background Cooch Behar claims an existence as old as 11th to 12th century when the Senas and Palas where the rulers of this princely state. Remnants of this time can be explored through the various sculptures and coins available here. One of the primary attractions in the district of the extravagant kingdom and the Raj system is the architecturally brilliant creation of the Palace of Maharaja of Cooch Behar which can be still visited by the public in regular days. There are multiple water bodies attracting various migratory birds which together makes a view that none wants to miss. Chilapata Forest range and the Jalpaiguri border is a lovely see through for the nature lovers.

Tourist places in Cooch Behar
Madhupur Than in Cooch Behar

Religious spots are always preferred by tourist of all. There are some of the best religious shrines located in various parts of the district visited by tourist throughout the year. One of the major ones in this regard is the Madan Mohan temple in the heart of Cooch Behar town. Apart from this there are Baneswar Shiv Mandir, Madhupur Than, Rasik Bill, Siddheswari Kali Mandir and others.

Tourist Information Centre
Zillaparishad Atithi Nibas
(at Kachari More near Sagar Dighi)
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101

Transport in Cooch Behar

Transport in Cooch BeharCooch Behar can be easily travelled through various means of transport especially for its excellent location. The nearest airport to Cooch Behar is Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri. The distance from the airport to Cooch Behar is only 153 kms which can be easily traveled by private taxis in cheaper rates. The nearest railway station to Cooch Behar is New Cooch Behar Railway station at Kalighat Road. The station connects some of the major destinations like Guwahati, Chandigarh, Puri, Kolkata, Dibrugarh, Silguri, New Delhi and many others. There are various bus services from both the State Transport Corporation as well as private companies which connect various locations within the district and even beyond it. Overall transport and traveling in and around Cooch Behar is never a problem for any visitor.

New Cooch Behar Station
Location: Cooch Behar, Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India
Operated by: Northeast Frontier Railway
Line(s): Barauni-Guwahati Line
Alipurduar-Bamanhat branch line
Station code: NCB
Zone(s): Northeast Frontier Railway
Division(s): Alipurduar

Sports in Cooch Behar

Citizens of Cooch Behar supports sports activity in the area. It is one of the most interesting activities and it truly binds the people of the region in one spirit. Sports activity in Cooch Behar district is encouraged not only at the present date in sports activity but also during the times of king Maharaja Sri Nripendra Narayan. Maharaja himself was interested in several sports activity like cricket, polo, horse racing, wrestling etc. Even after him the tradition continued and the people of the district was more involved in games football and cricket. Popular domestic cricket like Cooch Behar Trophy was played here with famous players like Sunil Gavaskar of the country. Even today the mentality and the feeling towards sports activity continue in the minds of the inhabitants here. The natives encourage the young generation in various kinds of sports and the initiative is also taken by schools and colleges to promote sports activity at the best. One of greatest example of the love for sports of Cooch Behar district is sited till date in the marathon football league celebrated here in the suburbs. Due to this love towards sports there are some prominent sports goods stores in Cooch Behar district like

Bina Store
Address: R N Road, Cooch Behar, R N Road, Cooch Behar Bazar
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434938778

Pratima Enterprise
Address: Mini Bus Stand, Cooch Behar, Keshab Street, Cooch Behar H O
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 8906174165

Santa Claws

Address: B . S . Road Natun Bazar , Coch Behar Kotwali
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9474147519

Address: Soni Mandir More, Mathabhanga, Cooch Behar
Shib Bari Road, Mathabhanga, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736146
Phone: 9434688823

Arup Stores
Address: Burir Hat, Dinhata, Cooch Behar, Dinhata Road
Bhetaguri, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736134
Phone: 9749215162

Society in Cooch Behar

Society in Cooch Behar
NGOs in Cooch Behar

Like every society, imbalance in social environment is visible in Cooch Behar also which are taken care of by the various social organizations in multiple ways. Social organizations usually work on multiple factors that effects the society and people. Most of them works in the area of women empowerment, education and literacy, child labour, employment issues, health awareness, healthy enviourment and many others. There are organizations which exclusively cater the senior citizens and help them leave a happy life in various old age homes based in the district. Apart from this there are orphanages too for the homeless children, which provide a shelter, food, education, good health and a proper life in every way possible. Some of the prominent old age homes in Cooch Behar district are

Disha Welfare Society

Address: At Khagrabari North, Dist Cooch Behar
Khagrabari, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736179
Phone: 3582-224553

Khagrabari Peoples Welfare Organisation
Address: Sive Jagga Road, P.O- Khagrabari
Khagrabari, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736179
Phone: 9038557308

Shamaprasad Seba Sangha
Address: Chatguarihati, Chakirmore, Po Newtown
New Cooch Behar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736179
Phone: 3582-233824

Sahebganj Taj Club
Address: P.O. Sahebganj, Dist. Cooch Behar
Sahebganj, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736176
Phone: 9733297858

Netaji Subhas Chandra Free Education And Welfare Society
Address: Vill Haripur Po Madhupur, Block Coochbehar
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582-204007

Lifestyle in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar is a place where good lifestyle means accepting the benefits of modern lifestyle but without forgetting the rich heritage, customs and rituals of the clans. People here are full of warmth and aesthetic culture but with an eye open towards the modern ways of life, its implications and its advantages. Like for instance fitness centers and the benefits of the same have been utilized by people all through for the last few years. In Cooch Behar though there are not many centers but still the advantages are shared with people here through the outlet based here.

Muscle And Power Guynasium
B S Super Market, Rup Narayan Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9832041374

Apart from this other modern society facilities like boutique, designer clothing, and beauty parlors are also quite popular here. But the number of this services are quite less though people are getting more inclined towards them as everyday passes and demanding more such services in the area.

Quick Facts About Cooch Behar

Country: India
State: West Bengal
Administrative division: Jalpaiguri
District: Cooch Behar
• Total 800 km2 (300 sq mi)
Population (2011)
• Total:106,760
• Density:130/km2 (350/sq mi)
• Official: Bengali, English
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN: 736 101
Telephone code: 03582
Vehicle registration: WB-64/63
Lok Sabha constituency: Cooch Behar (SC)
Vidhan Sabha constituency: Cooch Behar Uttar (SC), Cooch Behar Dakshin, Natabari
Major Languages: Bengali, Hindi, English

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