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Cooch-Behar Tourism

Hidden in the foothills of Himalayas lies the princely state of Cooch Behar. Being an offbeat tourist spot, it has eye-catching attractions which itself displays its striking glory. Marked with glorious history Cooch Behar has seen various stages of Indian history and today is considered one of the best planned towns of North Bengal. The historical significance of Cooch Behar is so strong that its stories of glory and disaster, rise and fall have been an essence of West Bengal history. The rulers , their cultural background and their beliefs have been a matter of great interest for the people and that is why till today the inheritance has been a matter of pride for the inhabitants. The region is filled with considerable number of gardens, parks, historical monuments which all exhibits the fragrance of the glorious past which proves a magnetic effect on the visitors here.

Important places in Cooch Behar
Cooch Behar Palace

Tourist Information and Helpline Numbers

The best way to fetch information regarding tourism in Cooch Behar is by getting in touch with the various tourist offices located in the region as well as in Kolkata. They provide the visitors with genuine information regarding the district, its accommodation facilities and its sightseeing spots. The details of these tourist offices are mentioned below.

Tourist Center, Govt. of West Bengal
Address: 3/2, Benoy-Badal-Dinesh Bagh (E),
Kolkata West Bengal 700001
Ph: 033 2248 8271, 033 2248 8272, 033 2210 3199
Open Monday to Saturday: From 7am to 6pm.
Sundays: From 7am to 2pm

Best Time to Visit Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar is experiences moderate climate with hot summers and cool winters. May is the hottest month in Cooch Behar where the temperature increases to 36°C at the maximum. However the summer season only stays from April to June followed by the monsoon weather. By far the best time to visit Cooch Behar is the months from October to March which comprises the winter season too. January is the coldest where the minimum temperature records at 10°C. But apart from this, the temperature remains quite soothing in these months and is best for sightseeing.

Tourist Spots In and Around Cooch Behar

Bounded by Assam on the eastern part and Bangladesh at the south, this is a location with awe striking buildings and monuments that re creates the old world charm and the era that has only been in the pages of history. Apart from the majestic buildings there are numerous other attractions in the city which are bound to hold the interest of the visitors in every way possible. Be it the unique cuisine or the traditional attires and jewellery, the warmth of the people or the progressive minds all combine together to form a great place to visit. In a whole it may be stated that with magnetizing beauty, wonderful location, mind blowing environ, best communication, rich heritage and aesthetic culture this is truly one of the most preferred locations of West Bengal.

Cooch Behar Palace

The most prominent tourist attraction in the city is the famous Cooch Behar Palace or Rajbari. Being influence by the European style and architecture the legendary Koch king Maharaja Nripendra Narayan built this gigantic palace in 1887. The palace built, largely influenced from the form and structure of Buckingham palace, is one of the greatest landmarks in the region. Also known as Victor Jubilee Palace the place is famous for its splendour and a popular tourist attraction in this part of the State. The monument is protected by Archaeological Survey of India.

The palace is a beautiful sight both from the inner and outer views. Designed with alternate single and double pillars, arcaded verandas and 124 feet metallic dome on top this is a marvellous architectural piece. Just as the interiors of the palace are an eye catching experience and extremely riveting the exterior posses an equally awe striking view with the beautiful landscaping lawns. A museum has been recently constructed on the rooms of the palace adding more glory to the majestic structure.

Cooch Behar Palace
Address: Rajbari Park Rd, Cooch Behar, West Bengal 736101
Cooch Behar West Bengal
Ph: 03582-227348

Madan Mohan Temple

Cooch Behar Tourism
Madan Mohan temple

Madan Mohan Temple or Madan Mohan Bari is an arresting architectural brilliance by Maharaja Nripendra Narayan during the period of 1885 to 1889. A truly divine location, the temple enshrines multiple deities of Lord Madan Mohan, Ma Tara, Ma Kali, and Ma Bhavani. The temple is located at the heart of Cooch Behar town and is reachable from various parts of the region. On the pious festival of Ras Purnima, one of the biggest fairs of North Bengal known as Rash Mela can be witnessed in this part of the district. A beautiful Rath Yatra glorifies the fair and attracts tourist from several parts of the country.

Baneswar Siva Temple

One of the most popular religious destination in Cooch behar town , this is a temple located on the northern side of city center at a distance of about 10km. The main attraction of the temple is the beautiful Shivlinga based around 10feet lower than the plinth level. Other attractions here include the famous “Gouripat” and the idol of Ardhanariswar based in this temple. During the auspicious festivals of Dol Purnima and Madan Chaturdashi the idol is physically carried all the way to Madan Mohan temple. It is also the reason why idol is often referred as Movable Baneswar. Just in front of the temple there is a huge lake which consists of considerable number of tortoises of all sizes making it a pleasant sights for the tourists.

Madhupur Dham

Places to visit in Cooch Behar
Madhupur Dham in Cooch Behar

This is a beautiful temple built in the early 16th century. As per the historians Shankaradeva made his last journey to Cooch Behar in the year 1489 at the request of the Kochi Ruler Maharaja Nar Narayan. The latter wished to spread teachings of neo –Vaishnava cult and asked Shankaradeva to preach the same. It was in his honor that this beautiful dam was created and that is why it denotes special significance specially within the followers of Acharya Shankaradeva.

Kamteshwari Temple

Situated at a distance of 35km from the heart of Cooch Behar this beautiful temple was built by Maharaja Pran Narayan in the year 1665. Devis throne is based in this location. Along this there are two more temples near the gate which has “Tarakeshwar Shivlinga”. Altogether it is a beautiful temple visited by many devotees throughout the year.

Sagar Dighi

Tourist destinations in Cooch Behar
Sagar Dighi in Coochbehar

Sagar Dighi is a beautiful huge tank located in the heart of Cooch Behar town built by one of the prominent Koch rulers Maharaja Hitendra Narayan. The beautiful water tank remains encircled with various heritage buildings like war memorial, Victors House etc. The site is beautiful location to visit specially during the sunset time in the evening glorifying the area with crimson rays. Various migrated birds and feathered animals gather around this square shaped pond and the nearby trees more visible during the winter months. An overall serene and harmonious experience, this beautiful lake is a must visit for every tourist for a pleasant experience.

Rasomati Ecotourism Complex

This particular place is an apt choice for a one day relaxing picnic in the lap of nature. On the banks of Rasomati Jheel this is a scenic extravaganza with hundreds of migratory birds making a panoramic view. The jheel here is a large water body with calm and serene waters and to compliment it there are paddle boat option which attracts the tourist a lot. There is a watch tower of 56 feet height to monitor the surroundings. One can also go for a jungle safari tour of six km long for a delightful experience

Kholta Ecotourism Spot

Based on Alipurduar Cooch Behar Road this is another beautiful day out location at a distance of few kms from the heart of Cooch Behar Town. Maintained by the Forest division this location has a small deer park, a children park and a toy train service for more entertainment. There is a teak garden in this area which was originally built by the King of Cooch behar.


Rasikbil in West Bengal

Rasikbil is a beautiful tourist spot especially for the adventure and wild life lovers. The place has a beautiful zoo stretched over a considerable area and endowed with selective flora and fauna maintained by the Cental Zoo Authority of Indian Government. The over all area is maintained by Cooch Behar Forest division. In January 2009, a 70 feet long watch tower was constructed here by the Forest Division for a better control of the area. Based at a distance of almost 42km from the heart of Cooch Behar town Rasikbill has a bird sanctuary, a deer park as well as a well built aquarium for turtles, fishes and also for the leopards living here. Here one can find various large water boies like Batikata Beel, Bochamari Beel etc. Several migratory birds are the key attraction for this place like Whistling Teal, Cotton Teal, Common Teal, Bronze winged Jacana, Dapchick, Shoveler, Pheasant Tailed Janacana, White Eyed Poacherd, Barheaded goose etc.


Jorai is a small area in Cooch Behar district. A tributary of River Sankosh, known as Jorai Nadi encircles the area and that is how the village got its name. One can find Danio Dangila, a rare fish species and Boreali fish found only in Himalayan foothills are found here. The latter is often known as “Boirali maach”in the native language. The suburb organizes a well renowned football match and Raas mela in this place.

Apart from the above mentioned tourist spots one can find many more beautiful places which can be explored in Cooch Behar district. Eco Heritage Park, Nipendra Narayan Park, Ranir Bagan, Baradebi Bari, Brahmo Mandir, Dangar Ayee Temple, Madan Mohan temple at Mathabhanga, Siddhanath Siva temple at Dhaluabari, Siddheswari Kali Bari, Gosanimari are some of the additional attractions of the region. The most interesting part of visiting Cooch Behar is that one can not only enjoy the extraordinary beauty and attractions of the district but can visit many beautiful tourist locations near to Cooch Behar at a distance of few hundred kilometres. Some of these places include Siliguri, Kalimpong, Nathula, Gangtok, Darjeeling, Namchi, Pelling, Lachung and many others

How to Reach Cooch Behar ?

Cooch Behar is easy to reach. One can travel to Cooch Behar through all prominent routes. If the preference is to travel by flight then the nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport at a distance of 224km which can be easily travelled by local buses or taxis. Apart from this the most sought after mode of transportation here is by railways. The New Coach Behar Railway station is the major railway station in the district and it connects various other metro cities of the country and along with the nearby areas of the district. Road transportation is also quite good with the presence of private taxis and private and Government buses. One can also travel to Siliguri by bus and then from there take a ride of 128km to Cooch Behar town.

Trains in Cooch Behar
New Cooch Behar Station

New Cooch Behar Station
Location: Cooch Behar, Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India
Operated by: Northeast Frontier Railway
Line(s): Barauni-Guwahati Line
Alipurduar-Bamanhat branch line
Station code: NCB
Zone(s): Northeast Frontier Railway
Division(s): Alipurduar

Where to Stay in Cooch Behar ?

Cooch Behar is one of the eminent tourist destinations in West Bengal. In fact it attracts thousands of tourist every year. One can find various kinds of accommodation facility in Cooch Behar in multiple budgets. Though there is absence of luxurious 5 star hotels but there are decent budget friendly good accommodations throughout the district. The hotels here have all the necessary amenities that are required for a good and comfortable stay here. However the tourist season is a time for huge rush and specially during the Rash Mela , people prefers to stay in Cooch Behar. As a reason a lot of hotels remains booked and it becomes impossible to fetch a preferred place to stay, That is why it is always better to book a hotel at the earliest to travel hassle free. Some of the popular hotels in Cooch Behar are mentioned below.

Hotel Ellora
Address: Biswa Singh Road, Cooch Behar H O,
Near Harish Paul Chopoti Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434024318, 3582 222125

Yubaraj Hotel
Address: Biswa Singha Road, Cooch Behar Bazar
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582 227885, 3582 231710

Royal Palace Hotel
Address: Sunity Road, Cooch Behar Bazar
Opposite to Brahma Mandir
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434023050, 3582 222210

Hotel Green View
Address: Badur Bagan Chowpathi, S N Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434256733

New Central Hotel
Address: Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar, Silver Jubilee Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9735003406

Hotel Galaxy
Address: Natun Bazar, Cooch Behar, Keshab Road
Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 8640017449

What to Buy in Cooch Behar ?

Things to do in  Cooch Behar
Shopping in Cooch Behar

Shopping in Cooch Behar can be very interesting if one prefers to buy the local made. There are several markets in the area where one can buy almost everything. However in garments, “sarees” are a huge favorite among the locals as well as tourist. The very famous Bengali Tant sarees are indeed a collectable one and are available in huge stocks in the markets of Cooch Behar. Apart from this several exclusive bamboo and cane products are available here which can be purchased for both home décor as well as kitchen usages. Another popular product here is “Sitalpati” which is a kind of mat available here which is in fact one of the expensive handicraft items and are done with supreme artistry. Apart from these jute products like jute doll, jute bags, chappals, ornaments are found here.

What to Eat in Cooch Behar ?

Delicious food is one of the strongest attributes of Bengal and the traces of the same are available in Cooch Behar. Having a lot of inspiration from the Bangladeshi cuisine, the food style here comprises of a variety of spices. The staple food of this region is rice and fish curry, popularly stated as “maach bhaat”. Mustard oil and mustard seeds are used a lot in the dishes prepared here. However non vegetarian food joints are more available here with only a few vegetarian food stalls.

Darbar Restaurant
Address: Hotel Royal Palace, Ground Floor, Court More, Sunity Road, Cooch Behar- 736101
Phone:(3582) 222210, (3582) 230731

Hotel Mayur - Restaurant
Address: Hotel Mayur, Ground Floor, Central Bus Stand Circle, Rup Narayan Road, Cooch Behar- 736101
Phone:(3582) 222639, (3582) 225639

Hotel Ellora - Restaurant
Address: Hotel Ellora, Ground Floor, Rup Narayan Circle, Biswa Singha Road, Cooch Behar- 736101
Phone: (3582) 222125, (3582) 224318

MAA Laxmi Hotel
Address: Sitaihat, Coochbehar, Sitai Bazar, Sitaihat, Cooch Behar - 736167
Phone: +(91)-7699729099

Dutta Hotel
Address: Sitaihat, Coochbehar, Sitai Bazar, Sitaihat, Cooch Behar - 736167
Phone: +(91)-9046041415

In a nutshell one of the best tourist destinations in West Bengal is Cooch Behar. One can visit the location and enjoy the wonderful weather, the finest craftsman and architecture in historical buildings, the extravagant landscapes and verdant greenery through well maintained parks, cascading water bodies, delicious cuisine, traditional and aesthetic culture and beautiful handicrafts. Altogether it is a wonderful optional to spend a relaxing vacation and enjoy with family and friends.

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