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Shopping in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar is one of the most popular tourist destination in West Bengal specially for its unlimited attractions in terms of historical buildings, royal heritage, skillful architectures, verdant greenery, well maintained parks and gardens, multiple picnic spots, mouthwatering cuisine, excellent weather, comfortable accommodation and last but not the least entertaining shopping experience. Indeed it is a fact that majority of people both natives as well as vacationers prefers to walk down the stores or just go window shopping and spend quality time in the shopping malls and markets in the district since the products here are unique of the best quality. Shopping in Cooch Behar is all the more entertaining because one can find almost each and everything here and that too at reasonable prices.

Shopping in Cooch Behar
Shopping in Cooch Behar

Shopping in Cooch BeharShopping at any location can be fun if there is knowledge about what to buy and where to buy. Since the location has availability of all kinds of products it is essential to know the exclusive and the unique products of the place and also the major markets which sell the same. Below is a short write up on the places which can be visited for excellent shopping experience

Where to Shop in Cooch Behar ?

Cooch Behar has a perfect combination of both modern and traditional values and preferences. The same is visible in the nature of markets too where there is shopping malls parallel to local markets and periodic markets specially known as “Haats”. Some of these markets are listed below for reference

NN Shopping Mall

One of the most popular and visited shopping zones of Cooch Behar is this shopping mall with various branded outlets of multiple products. Be it clothing, jeweleries, footwear, hyper market, the mall has all under one roof.

N N Shopping Mall
Mini Bus Stand, Cooch Behar, Keshab Road
Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar, West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434744582

Shopping Centre

This is another shopping zone which is famous for readymade garments. Some of the branded companies have their shops based here. There are both ladies and gents wear available here. There is latest fashion clothing, along with designer ones.

Shopping Centre
Panchirangi, Cooch Behar, Panchirangi Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar, West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9635911153

Bhavaniganj Market

Popularly named as “Bara Bazaar” this particular market is one of the oldest markets in Cooch Behar district. Located near B S Road, this market has considerable number of shops selling almost all kinds of products. Various garments specially Bengali sarees are found widely in this market

B S Super Market

Located in B.S Road, this is yet another market quite famous for the well reputed jewellery stores based here. The market is not very old and has good parking facility.

Chakir Bazar

Located in Chakir More , this market is extremely popular since it is based in the heart of town with good transport communication. This market is specially known for the grocery stores and super mart based here.

Deshbandhu Market

Close to the famous Raas mela ground this particular market is another of the popular markets of Cooch Behar. One can find all kinds of store here but majorly garment and footware shops are located here.Apart from this there are other markets like Jamai bazaar at Nikuthi, Kalika Bazaar at Kalika das road, Chiularai Market and many other “haats” in several parts of the district.

“Haat” is nothing but weekly markets in designated locality on a specific date. In Cooch Behar the ritual of the same is quite strong and almost every locality has some day dedicated for “Haat”. On this day in a specific area of the locality where there are sellers of garments, jewellery, footware, cookeries, grocery items, kitchen utensils, vegetables, fruits and many others. The major haat in Cooch Behar district can be sited in Ambari, Baneshwar, Bokalirmath, Dangarhat, Dewanhat, Ghughumari, Khochabari, Pundibari, Rajarhat, Satmail, Suktabari and many others.

What to Buy in Cooch Behar ?

One of the best things about Cooch Behar is the fact that it has collection of some of the best and unique items which are truly collectables in every sense of the term. This is a place where there is a huge collection of artifact of majorly two types. While one is based on utility of human being while the other is majorly decorative item. But in both cases the end product is extremely cherish able, the reason there is a huge demand of the same throughout the country. Some of the unique products available here and made by the skillful craftsman of this area and can be utilized as a memorable collection in future. Being part of Bengal one of the best collectables from Cooch Behar is the exclusive Tant sarees which are specially woven sarees and a much preferred garments by the Bengali women. Apart from regular wears, these sarees are majorly worn during festive occasions.

Shopping markets in Cooch Behar
Handicraft items in Cooch Behar

In Cooch Behar one can find wide collection of products made of Jute. In fact a major part of the handicraft industry works on jute products of which the jute ornaments and jute accessories like jute bags are quite popular here. Crafted with neat designs and woven with skillful hands these are colourful, modern yet unique items which are really collectable in every sence. For the fashion conscious people there are options of buying jute chappals also which goes perfectly fitted with the traditional wears here. One can collect all these at very cheap prices in compared to market outside the district.

Other items that figure amongst must but items are Sitapati which is a special mat made only in selected areas of Ghughumari, Pushnadanga, Nakkati and Barokodali. Sitalpati is nothing but cool mats made out of a particular cane known as Mutra. Madu is another variety of mat available in Cooch Behar. The raw material for this kind of mat is Madur kathi and it is grown usually in swampy areas. Bamboo and Cane handicrafts are quite popular in Cooch Behar. There are specific processes which are used to create the best of artifacts from these products. Jute handicraft items like basket, containers, table mats, decorative items, table mats are major items which are the best collectables in this category.

In a nutshell it may be stated that in regards to shopping, there is simple no complains with Cooch Behar. There are ample markets and quality products specially handicrafts which can just lure the mind for shedding some money on them and possessing them at the earliest. It is the rich craftsmanship of the people here that such industry is so popular not only in the state but also in several parts of the country.In support of this skill and expertise the Government has taken initiative in growing the industry along with training the natives for better work.

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