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Public Utility Services in Cooch Behar

Realizing the advantages of modern technology and reaping off its benefits is the ultimate goal for any prosperous society and the same is true for Cooch Behar too. The region and its inhabitants demand a proper administrative and operative set up in every field and the same is available in Cooch Behar district due to active involvement of the State Government and its administrative offices in Cooch Behar along with multiple service providers who work hand in hand with the Government departments. Cooch Behar is a prospective zone where there is scope for the service industry to function profitably.

Essential Services in  Cooch Behar
Utility Services in Cooch Behar

There is presence of many vital services like hospital, emergency, water electricity, education, telecom services, postal services, banking and many others and all are monitored by dutiful and designated officers of the various government departments making the place a lovely habitable location.

Electricity Services in Cooch Behar

Distribution of electricity in Cooch Behar is executed by West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. After restructure of West Bengal State Electricity board, this company from 2007 looks after the power distribution and all kinds of operation issues for the district which includes providing new connections, acknowledging bill payments and its related queries and providing an overall service to the customer. The power distribution company has several offices in Cooch Behar but the main station is located at Khagrabari.

Divisional Engineer Electricity: 03582 222375, 03582 225478
Newtown Sector: 03582 222763

Healthcare Services in Cooch Behar

Hospitals in Cooch BeharCooch Behar enjoys presence of both private and government hospitals. The region has several hospitals and nursing homes to cater any sort of medical need at the earliest . There are efficient doctors, modernized equipments and well reputed pathological labs that help to diagonise health problems quickly and provide better treatment. The multiple chemist shops spread across the town that helps in arranging all kinds of drugs for quick healing. The district hospital in the heart of Cooch Behar town is the major hospital in the region with dedicated wards and 400 beds arrangement. To support the same there are several CHC and PHC centers which help in providing treatment in difficult areas away from proper town. Apart from Allopathic treatment there is much popularity of alternte medicine too with dedicated and experienced doctors and exclusive alternate medicine shops.

M J N Hospital
Address: Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582-222243

Dinhata Sub Divisional Hospital
Address: Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582-255002, 3582 256002

Sitai Rural Hospital
Address: Sitaihat, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736167
Phone: 3581-285243

Subham Hospital & Diagnostic Centre (P) Ltd
Address: 1, Nara Narayan Road Near Circuit House Po,
Cooch Behar Bazar, Main Road
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9474512007

Address: B . S . Road Natun Bazar , Coch Behar Kotwali
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9933710407

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Safety and Security in Cooch Behar

Safety and security in Cooch Behar area is quite strict and vigilant. This is due to active involvement and efficient work of Cooch Behar Police. The police department in the region remains extremely alert against any sort of trouble. The district has altogether 11 police stations of which five major stations are managed by Inspector of Police while the rest six are taken care of by Sub Inspector of Police. There are six posts too to help have a better hand on budding crime in the area. The area is managed under the guidance of Superintendent of Police with considerable number of member in the team including Addl Superintendent, Sun Inspector, Inspector and Constables. Apart from police department, there are also option of private security services in Cooch Behar but that usually is provided recurring a huge cost.

S.P. - Cooch Behar
Sri. Rajesh Kumar Yadav, IPS
03582-227755 (O), 227632 (R), 222745 (Fax)
E-mail : (i) & (ii)

Addl.S.P. - Cooch Behar
Sri. Amit Kumar Singh, IPS
03582-227643 (O), 227342 (R)
E-mail :

Police Stations of Cooch Behar

Kotwali Police Station: 03582 228100
Dinhata Police Station: 03584 255004
Sitai Police Station: 03583 245230
Mathabhanga Police Station: 03583 255233
Ghoksadanga Police Station: 03583 262233
Sitalkuchi Police Station: 03583 263240
Mekhliganj Police Station: 03584 255224
Haldibari Police Station: 03561 263239
Kuchlibari Police Station: 03584 251223
Tufanganj Police Station: 03582 244230
Boxirhat Police Station: 03582 263630
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Municipal Services in Cooch Behar

Municipality in Cooch Behar
Cooch Behar Municipality Building

Municipality in Cooch Behar is involved in multiple tasks that involves maintenance of roads and greenery, sanitation, maintaining public health issues, street lights, looking after water supply and also issuance of birth and death certificates along with many other services that are required for having a good and organized society.

Cooch Behar Municipality
Maharaj Dipendra Narayan Road
P.O. Cooch Behar, Cooch Behar-736101.
Office : 03582-222286
Fax : 03582-222656
Email: ,

Fire Services in Cooch Behar

West Bengal Fire and Emergency Services are responsible for providing fire services in Cooch Behar district. They serve all the places which falls under the jurisdiction of Cooch Behar district. The main responsibility of this department is to ensure human safety, life saving and protect of property and assets in case of any natural calamities. For any services one may contact below mentoned numbers.

Cooch Behar Fire Services: 03582 229101
Dinhata Fire Services: 03581 255115
Mathabhanga Fire Services: 03583 255298
Mekhligunj Fire Services: 03584 255250
Tufangunj Fire Services: 03582 244203
Fire Station Control Room: 101
Fire Brigade outside city: 03582 229101 (for different places of Blocks I & II)

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Postal Services in Cooch Behar

Post Offices in Cooch BeharPostal service is an important service for every household. In fact it was one of our primary requirements to establish connection with the rest of the world. Though there is a wide acceptance of private postal services, the authenticity of Government post offices remains still unparallel. In Cooch Behar there are multiple post offices which serves the postal requirements of the district. The post offices are spread in various parts of the district which makes it more convenient. Some of the post offices in Cooch Behar deals with financial transactions like short term deposits and other investment options which makes it more lucrative.

Cooch Behar Head Post Office
Address: SH12A, Cooch Behar, West Bengal 736101

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Courier Services in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar is facilitated with excellent and efficient courier services from some of the best international and domestic brands. Most of the courier companies having their offices in Cooch Behar have presence in multiple states of the country and gives best and quicker services in every way possible. Though the postal services of the Government are equally good but private courier companies take the edge with more security, faster delivery, authenticated delivery, online tracking, customer care services and many other facilities that make them popular. However the private services are much costlier in compared to Government postal services.


Address: Natun Bazar, Cooch Behar, B S Road
Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9614170241

Blue Dart Express Ltd
Address: C/O Super Fast Express, R R N Road
Near Rajmata Mandir
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9733078605, 3582 228939, 3582 225388

DTDC Courier Service
Address: Bazar Road, Tufanganj, Near Nnm High School
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736159
Phone: 9832309761

Address: Sunity Road Bye Lane, Cooch Behar, Sunity Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9851305376

Airstate Logistics Pvt Ltd
Address: C/O Suhasini PCO, Bazaar Road, Tufanganj
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736159, VIP Corner
Phone: 9932482941

Track On Couriers
Address: Super Fast Express, B S Road, Cooch Behar H O
Meena Kumari Choupati Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434057111, 9434136648

Skylark Express Coochbehar
Address: Uttarayan Bldg,Grd Flr,Das Pco, N N Rd,Coochbehar
Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582-229423

Airstate Logistics Pvt Ltd
Address: 1st Floor, Uttarayan Building, M N Road
Cooch Behar R S, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434240974

Jyoti Courier
Address: Japani Patty, Cooch Behar, B S Road
Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582-223025

Jain Jute Carrier P Ltd
Address: Old Post Office Road, Cooch Behar, N N Road
Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9933948826

Ma Durga Enterprise
Address: Panchirangi Road, Cooch Behar Bazar
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9547543277

Banking Services in Cooch Behar

Banks in Cooch Behar
Banking in Cooch Behar

Banking is one of the major attributes for a successful and developing city. In Cooch Behar though the number of industrial units are negligible and it is not a major commercial area but still there are presence of multiple banking offices both from private and public sector banking organization. In vision of having much growth in this area there are banks who have come up with multiple branches in several parts of the district. The major banks operating in the region includes Axis Bank, SBI, HDFC Bank, Central Bank of India, Canara Bank and many others. Almost all branches of every bank operating here have core banking facility along with all other major account benefits like ATM card, online transactions, etc.

Central Bank Of India   
Branch: Nishiganj Nishimoyee High School
Ifsc Code: Cbin0013057
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 013057    
Address: P.O.Nishiganj, Dist.Coochbehar, West Bengal - 736157
Phone: 03583-266673

Idbi Bank
Branch: Coochbehar     
Ifsc Code: Ibkl0001017
Micr Code: 736259002
Branch Code: 001017    
Address: 74, Nripendra Narayan Road, Cooch Behar 736101
Phone: 03582-227538

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Branch: Cooch Behar    
Ifsc Code: Punb0656600
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 656600    
Address: N N Road, Near Power House Choupathi
Po Dist Coochbehar West Bengal 736101
Phone:  03582-223996

Uco Bank
Branch: Coochbehar Mun. Ext  
Ifsc Code: Ucba0009043
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 009043    
Address: Sagardighi Square, N N Road Po Coochbehar - 736101
Phone: 03582-226138

Axis Bank
Branch: Cooch Behar    
Ifsc Code: Utib0000396
Micr Code: 736211002
Branch Code: 000396    
Address: Sunity Road, Opp : Ubi
Po & Dist :Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 03582-226 656
Email: Ibrm@Axisbank.Com

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Telecommunication in Cooch Behar

In todays world, telecommunication is an unparalleled service required by each and every individual. With the onset of various telecommunication brands and less cost tariffs it is a piece of cake for all. Even the mobile phone companies have joint hands making cheaper yet stylish handsets along with the high end models too increase the demand in the market. In Cooch Behar the scenario is no different and the district has offices of all major telecommunication brands giving excellent service in the area. The major companies crowded here include BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance etc. All these companies have broadband facilities to support internet activity in the area.

BSNL Office Cooch Behar
O/o TDM, Cooch Behar
Coochbehar West Bengal 736 101
Phone: 03582 225977

Florists in Cooch Behar

Some of the finest flower shops are available in several parts of Cooch Behar. Few of these shops have trained workmen who design various flower bouquets for multiple occasions. One can contact the famous florists to get their venue decorated worth beautiful flowers. Further buying a flower bouquet to complement on any special occasions is always a good idea.

Lokenath Flowers
Address: Cooch Behar Bazar, Silver Jubilee Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9832035073

Ghosh Flower Centre
Address: Suniti Road, Cooch Behar H O
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9474146467

Maa Tara Flower Centre
Address: Main Market, Silver Jubilee Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 8116060988

Chowdhury Flowers
Address: Main Market, Suniti Road, Cooch Behar Bazar
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9832096985

Das Phul Bhandar
Address: Silver Jubili Road, Cooch Behar R S
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9932519799

Rajnigandha Flower Shop
Address: Cooch Behar Bazar, Silver Jubilee Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9635809390

Rose Flower
Address: Main Market, Silver Jubilee Road, Cooch Behar Bazar
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9749382255

Culcatta Flower Centre
Address: Silver Jubilee Road, Cooch Behar Bazar
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9832029018

Saha Flower Shop
Address: Tufanganj Road, Tufanganj
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736159
Phone: 9733009933

Flower Centre
Address: Main Road, Tufanganj, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736159
Phone: 9434443338

Pan Card Consultants in Cooch Behar

Pan Card Consultants in Cooch Behar

Pan Card has immense importance for Indian citizen. Issued by the Government Income Tax Department, this particular card is a laminated one with a ten digit alphanumeric number which is unique for all citizen and helps in tax calculation of all sorts. In fact in today’s date it is a necessary one for almost all kinds of financial transaction. Even banking operations is depended on the same. This card also serves as a government photo identity proof in many cases. Though applying for the same is not a much difficult task but for quick and hassle free processing there are agents who help in applying for the same.

Alankit Assignments Ltd
Address: Attached To SBI Khagrabari, P.o.& Dist. Cooch Behar
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9832096112

Alankit Assignments Ltd
Address: B.s.road (North), Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434033713

Alankit Assignments Ltd
Address: Silver Jubilee Road, Goutam Medical Goli
Dharmatala, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9434211944

Pradip Saha
Address: Apka Service Point,Busstand, Main Road
Tufanganj, Tufanganj, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736159
Phone: 9434689333

Media in Cooch Behar

The most easiest and convenient medium of creating social awareness or depicting information is the press and media units in any location. The networks of these two mediums are the widest as both these mediums reaches almost every household. In case of media there are two broad divisions, radio and television. In Cooch Behar the only radio channel is the All India Radio public station. Apart from this there is a recently built FM relay station just outside the city premises which plans to transmit all FM channels which are recently being played in Siliguri district. However the infrastructure does not permit to start immediately but it is on the process of execution.

In case of Television, the scenario is much better since it receives detail coverage off almost all channels. As a result all channels which are present in other cities and states are available in Cooch Behar too. State Owned network broadcast Doordarshan channel which is the primary channel here. Apart from this there is facility to avail cable channels which shows almost all including Pan India channels as well as regional ones. Apart from this there are availability of Bangladeshi and Nepali channels too. The popular DTH services available here are Videocon, airtel, dishtv and Tata.

Newspapers are also a major medium for reaching the mass. Apart from regional language papers , the English dailies are also quite popular here. The major English news papers available here include The Statesman, The telegraph, Hindustan Times and lastly The Times of India. Regional newspapers or the Bengali news papers available here include Anandabazaar Patrika, Ganashakti, Bartaman, Uttar Banga Sambad etc. Some of the popular Bengali magazines available here includes Sananda, Unish kuri , Sushahstha and others.

Pet Shops in Cooch Behar

Pets are as much closer as any other family member to their owners. To provide the best support to the pets of all kinds, every region needs a proper pet shop and Cooch Behar has some reputed shops too for its inhabitants. These shops have a collection of pets, their food, their accessories as well as some have doctors visiting the store for quick check ups.

Paul World
Address: Khagrabari, Cooch Behar, Siliguri Road
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9832038137

Shan Battery
Address: Bokali Moth Baneswar . Kotwali
Cooch Behar Bazar, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9332876945

The Parimal Bakari

Address: Silver Jubiley Road , Cooch Behar Bazar
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 9474967431

Caterers in Cooch Behar

Catering business is a popular one in Cooch Behar. The fun loving, friendly people of the area prefers to organise social functions and gathering and arrange delicious cuisines to make the meeting more memorable. Catering arrangement are majorly preferred in these times. Some of the best and reputed caterers of Cooch Behar are mentioned below.

Sagar Caterer
Address: Sukta Bari, Cooch Behar, Mathabhanga Road
Rashidanga, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736170
Phone: 9635279043

Subhacha Caterer
Address: 5 No Ward, Mathabhanga
Nera Jhankar Club
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736146
Phone: 9332966403

Dolphin Caterer
Address: Mathabhanga, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736146
Phone: 9333391277

Library in Cooch Behar

Books in Cooch Behar
Library in Cooch Behar

Education is given a huge preference in entire Cooch Behar district. People prefers to indulge in various kinds of knowledge gathering which has given boost to the multiple libraries present in Cooch Behar district. Some of these libraries are old and have been serving the people for years. The library fees are quite less and the collection of books in each one is huge. Some of the libraries based here are

Cooch Behar Town Library
Address: Vill.- Panthasala Road, Cooch Behar H O
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582 225210

North Bengal State Library
Address: P.O.: + Dist.: Coochbehar, Cooch Behar H O
Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582 223608

District Library
Address: M.J.N. Road, In Front Of Kalyan Bhawan
Coochbehar, Cooch Behar H O, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736101
Phone: 3582 230598

Sabitri Library
Address: Dewanhat( Rail Gate), Cooch Behar
Dewanhat Road, Bhetaguri, Cooch Behar West Bengal 736134
Phone: 7872820140

Important Links in Cooch Behar

With the onset of internet and information technology people today prefer to learn more about places and their services, administration and economy through online services. There are various websites available which provides integral details about the factors related to places and all those informations which are difficult to fetch otherwise. It is the initiative of the government to build up such websites so that investors, tourist, interested people come to know about the place and its details. Such an initiative is taken by the West Bengal government too in regards to Cooch Behar its exclusive websites.

Cooch Behar Official Website

Cooch Behar Municipality

In a nutshell it may be stated that Cooch Behar is one among the well facilitated and well organised district of West Bengal. It has availability of all kinds of services though the options in some cases are limited.

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